Winning strategy

Energetic and excellent, the Revaliere is as much as its products … For proof, she’s the deparmental winner 2015 Stars & Jobs, commercial momentum category. This trophy, initiated and organized by Banque Populaire and the Chambers of Trades and Crafts, rewards passionate leaders of craft enterprises.

Active communication

For over 30 years, the cheese factory focuses on its products, but doesn’t forget to well sell them. Nevertheless, our communication tools “homemade” were not up to the quality of our cheeses.

So we appealed to the agency Altitude and Co and Mickaël Crenn to raise awareness and promote our business with our customers and cheese creamers.

Now we have the presentation brochures, posters for our events, an aesthetic website … We are proud of these beautiful tools, and we are rewarded at all levels. Especially with this award, which encourages us to continue in this way!

The awarding of the trophy Stars & Job was held May 20, 2015 at the Chamber of Trades of Parthenay. On this occasion a film that presents the cheese was broadcast. A real consecration!

You can watch this movie on: